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If not I must ask for a full refund instead. I have yet to hear back from you re. my Graham replica watches uk order. I don't want to pester you but I have been charged in full (£ 223.72 on the 23rd August, via my credit card) but am unsure if either the original replica watches or the alternative I chose at your request is ordered or on its way. i have just made an order with you, im hoping the breitling replica watches is as good a quality as it looks and seems, i will require 5 more units from you if it is good quality. can you do any discount on that next order ? Please deliver asap, the order number was 7050052 Here is a photo of the replica breitling watches I received. I ordered the super avenger watch which show a different crown and push buttons are cross hatched also chrono hand has a square inn red. You can see from this picture that these features are different and in my opinion the breitling replica I received is chrono evolution. I am happy to keep the watch as it is similar and will order again in the near future. I have used the payment link below to place the order but when I got to the payment section I could not enter my credit card that was used last time because the link you sent was only allowing Visa and if you check last time my card is Mastercard. I did try to enter my visa debit card details and the order went through under order number 4346. Unfortunately it showed the following comment