There’s much more to astrology than the horoscopes you read in magazines. These signs are too broad to have an impact on your daily life. However, this doesn’t make astrology a lot of hocus pocus. You have twelve birth charts, and each sign can mean something different. You also have planets and houses as well as aspects. Here is an extensive beginner’s guide to Astrology. If you spend a few minutes on TikTok or any other dating app, it will be evident that astrology is prevalent and has become mainstream. You don’t have to feel lost if you hear Mercury retrograde, natal chart, or other astrological terms. You don’t have to feel ashamed: Even professional astrologers who are seasoned continue to study and practice this language throughout their lives.

We’ll help you understand the building blocks of Astrology so that you don’t forget to ask your friend about their zodiac sign when they bring up theirs at brunch. What is astrology, and what should astrologers do about it? April Elliott Kent, one of my mentors, has written Technologijos an excellent guide called The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology. This covers everything you need to know about astrology. Astrologers are people who practice astrology.

You might find these earthly events in your weekly and monthly horoscopes. These columns are best written by professional astrologers, who try their best to explain how the current movements of the planets affect you based upon where they were at the time you were born.

Pros use the movement and predictions of planets to help explain and predict events, social trends, or financial markets. We can also look into your personality and compatibility with others using your astrology (aka your birth chart). Charts can also help you understand the outcome of events like marriages or elections. You can also look at your astrology, which (more on this in a moment) gives insight into various aspects of your personality and your life. Your sun sign is a reflection of your identity and self.

However, if we are talking about the sign a planet is currently moving through, it could be used to describe a specific month. The sun is in Leo, a fire sign represented by the Lion. It gives you more confidence and encourages bold action. Consider yourself rising or ascending if your character was rising on the eastern sky when you were born. It reflects your image to the world and offers insight into your abilities, talents, and possible strategies that you may use to make your mark in your life.

This means that even two people born in the same month, day, and year will have their charts. This is because the signs are different for all celestial bodies. For example, the moon moves about every two days. Mercury can spend between 15 and 60 days, depending on its retrograde phases. You may also have been born on a day when the sun, or any of the planets, moved from one sign into the next.

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